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Reach 2 lakh students within 5 years

We aim to inscribe our name on every competitive exam preparation sector of Nepal. Along the way, we seek to make positive impacts on at least 2 lakh students within a period of 5 years.

Fruitful experience to the challenging endeavour

Cracking the exam is just one piece of success, and gaining worthwhile experience which would help their future self is the rest.

Provide an economical and robust digital platform

Fortify our platform and provide education in a relatively cheap, safe and productive manner for all.

We are empathetic to your challenges.

At ClampHook, some individuals have gone through the phase of a student preparing for challenging exams. So we understand that for the time being cracking a competitive exam is one of the greatest achievements a student can dream of. And we have also experienced how daunting that period can be. So we have made it our top priority to provide students with the best educational materials and optimum atmosphere for learning.
Here at ClampHook, we value students‘ passion for knowledge, we value their willpower in the face of difficulty and we value their dedication towards their dream exam. So we will leave no stones unturned while providing the most favourable learning environment for our students.


Our Core Vision

Build a learning community over all in the Nepal

Turn students' will to their superpower.

Redesign the digital education system of Nepal.

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